The Iranian Threat
Report: Iran's influence in Iraq is being undermined by disputes between Shiite militias

Iran is intervening in Iraq to calm internal unrest undermining stability provoked by factions supported by it, Reuters reports.

These moves come at a time when Tehran is seeking to maintain its major influence in Iraq while it engages in difficult negotiations with the United States over its nuclear ambitions.

The particularly high-level intervention came last month, hours after an attack on the Iraqi prime minister's residence, Iran-backed militias were accused of standing behind it.

Sources in the factions, Iraqi politicians closely linked to the factions, Western diplomats and an Iraqi security source say that Brigadier General Ismail Ka'ani, one of Tehran's most senior military commanders, traveled urgently to Baghdad.

Qa'ani sent a message to pro-Iranian factions refusing to recognize the initial results of the October 10 parliamentary elections, which led to the winners' lists of Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, who opposes Iranian influence.

The conclusion of Ka'ani's message was: Accept the result.

Sources familiar with the details of his talks say that Ka'ani, the commander in charge of military operations outside Iran in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, told the leaders of the two factions that the political confusion threatens the influence of the ruling Shiite majority, through which Iran exercises its influence in Iraq.

A drone attack on Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazimi's residence on November 7 has significantly escalated tensions in recent months between rival Shiite factions.

The al-Fatah coalition, which includes factions loyal to Tehran, suffered a major defeat in the election, losing dozens of seats.

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Linda Erhardt 08:46 24.12.2021
Sounds like Iran is trying to take over politically. I pray Iraq is careful.
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