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BREAKING: Israel may share nuclear tech with Abraham Accords states

"Iran obtaining nukes is not an option the world can tolerate" - Moshe Edri, Israeli atomic chief

Israel may share aspects of its nuclear technology and knowledge with countries that are part of the Abraham Accords, Israel Atomic Energy Commission Chief Moshe Edri said in a speech to the IAEA in Vienna.

“We are hopeful that the new spirit in our region, as demonstrated in the ‘Abraham Accords,’ will mark a path forward for meaningful direct dialogue within our region, including in the nuclear fora,” he said.

“Israel’s state-of-the-art technology provides us with significant levels of knowledge and capabilities, which we are ready to share with others, of course under the IAEA umbrella.”

Source: Jerusalem Post

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Patsy Webb 04:20 29.09.2022
Who came up with this brilliant idea? Netanyahu you Lord father in heaven, I pray this is not true
Alan Light 22:31 28.09.2022
Liberal jews haven't learned anything in 6000 years AMAZING 🤔
Daniel Lapin 17:55 28.09.2022
I wouldn’t trust any of them. Don’t do it Israel, your secrets provide you strength, if you share your secrets with country’s who’s religion hates you that’s just asking for trouble of your own doing!
17:35 28.09.2022
I sure hope Netanyahu gets back real soon before you shoot your selves in your foot