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Putin will meet with Iranian president during the Caspian Sea summit

Russian President Yuri Ushkov's aide has announced that Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet with Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi during their participation in the Caspian Sea summit.

NEWSRAEL: Putin is not in a position where he can add to his list of "active" enemies. Russia needs Iran now, even though they are not "friends". Most likely, the price to pay will be in Syria where the Russian army will give way to Iran. 

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04:09 29.06.2022
Bobby Barnett 17:52 28.06.2022
God is good and all the time he is good
Henry Lee 00:08 28.06.2022
Israel 's hope should not be that Russia go against Iran in Syria. Evil men will eventually gather together. Our hope is in the living God. Amen!