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Israel makes new conditions on Qatari aid to Gaza

The Qatari envoy, Muhamed al-Amadi has come to the region in order to distribute its monthly grant to the "needy of Gaza" - but this time, he finds Israel has added conditions to do so.

Palestinian sources report that a date has not yet been set for the distribution of the monthly grant of $50 million.

According to them, Israel approves the distribution of the grant in the amount of 100 dollars to needy families but firmly refuses that the salaries of Hamas employees will be paid from this grant.

The monthly entitlement is for about 200,000 families, which leaves, every month, huge sums that have been used by Hamas, until today, without hindrance.

Eran Malka 301 Arab World 

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Jeanne Ferguson 00:12 26.05.2023
Stop these payments or give it to Israel to distribute. Keep all money from Hamas.