The Iranian Threat
The truth behind the person questioned by the Mossad in Iran

Private information obtained by the Iranian opposition news site Iran International shows that Mansour Rassouli, the man questioned by the Mossad in Iran, is a member of a gang operating for the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. Rasuli was to assassinate an Israeli citizen in Turkey, a prominent American general in Germany and a journalist in France.

Contrary to what he claimed in a video he posted after being questioned by the Mossad, he is not just a farmer, but a member of a gang that works for the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

This gang is engaged in "money laundering" through the company "Delabar", which received an illegal export and import permit, in exchange for cooperation with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

The Rassouli family is collaborating with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards on drug smuggling to Turkey and Iraq.

Mansour Rasouli collaborated with Unit 840 of the Quds Force of the Revolutionary Guards, the unit that carries out assassinations for the Iranian regime around the world.

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Henry Lee 06:31 14.05.2022
Yes, God Almighty is giving all sinners more time to repent. The day of judgement once decided will not change. Glory and Praise to God. Amen!
Moshe Moses 02:05 14.05.2022
Warning evil Mullars don't mess with 🇮🇱Israel you will lose big time as G-d stands and always protects no matter what, your evil plans for Israel will fail as G-d will expose it to Israel amen
Rhoda Wright 01:57 14.05.2022
Meant to say Amen!
Rhoda Wright 01:56 14.05.2022
Anne Bro Hes
Bro Hes 01:41 14.05.2022
Be STILL and know that God Is, who stops wars everywhere. The Lord of hosts is with us.. Holy, Holy, Holy, God Almighty, the One who Was, Is, and Is to come. Amen אמנ. USAGOP: 100% USMilitary.
John Ross 01:40 14.05.2022
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