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Revealed: A British warship collided with a Russian submarine in the Atlantic Ocean in 2020

The British Ministry of Defense has revealed that a Royal Navy warship collided with a Russian submarine in the North Atlantic in late 2020, the first incident of its kind since the end of the Cold War that was also documented by a camera crew aboard the ship.

The Humberland frigate North set out for the Arctic to track a Russian submarine for fear it would try to damage an underwater cable essential for communications and Internet traffic or attach listening devices to it. But when the ship released its sonar, a cable with microphones for underwater listening, the submarine collided with it in an "event of one in a million."

Channel 5's documentary "War Ship: Life at Sea", which will be aired on Monday, shows the moment when one of the crew members exclaims "What the hell did I hit?" As the alarms fill the cell and another cry is heard: "What the hell was that?". Shortly before, the ship's commander, Commander Tom Hobbes, said: "We are probably parallel to them. If we were on the ground, we would see a face."

As a result of the collision, the sonar was damaged, but the ship's men were able to rescue it completely from the water. After that, the frigate returned to the port to replace the sonar cable, which costs 20 million pounds. According to the British navy, the Russian submarine also apparently suffered damage.

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