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The Water Theft in the Negev
As your water bills become more expensive, there are those who continue to benefit at your expense.
Watch the video to learn how the Israeli taxpayer funds water usage in the illegal Bedouin encampments in the Negev.
What happens in the Negev doesn’t really stay in the Negev. Last week, the State Comptroller’s report confirmed what we’ve been saying for many years about water theft.
It’s easy to understand why those who receive “free” water are not bothered by the current situation. But what about water companies that suffer losses of millions of shekels every year – why don’t they care? Watch and find out.
# Hate Crime # Bedouin # Negev
14:14 08.08.2021
Not sure why the hashtag is hate crime. This clearly qualifies as a conspiracy between the consumer and the provider against the tax payers.
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