China and The Middle East
Israeli concern about China's military aid to Syria

China's ambassador to Syria signed an agreement with the Syrian government stating that "China will sell advanced communication equipment to the Syria in order to improve the local network infrastructure - this was announced by the Syrian media.

The Defense magazine website, reported that "the recent announcement of Chinese aid to the Syrian regime sounded an alarm in Israeli security circles." He added that "China's presence in Syria is not in itself a source of great concern for Israel, but the economic or military improvements that China can make to the Syrian regime's army are."


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John Ross 14:41 29.07.2022
How stupid is israel?? They allow China to own the port of Haifa against US wishes Dennis worried about China’s selling anything to Syria seriously how stupid is Israel
Norbert Stager 13:44 29.07.2022
This is what happens when the US elects a President that is really lukewarm and in some cases downright cold toward Israel.
Heriberto Valhuerdi 12:42 29.07.2022
China slowly will be world power ahead of the USA
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