Saleh Al-Arouri, Deputy Chairman Of Hamas's Political Bureau

 - We can continue fighting for many months
- We Have Only Been Getting Rid Of Our Surplus Rockets So We Can Replace Them With Modern, More Powerful Missiles

Source: Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas/Gaza)

Saleh Al-Arouri: "The Jews' immigration to Palestine from all corners of the world, in order to establish their state, was based on the myth that Jerusalem had been their capital and that they had a temple there, that Jerusalem belongs to them, and that it is their Promised Land. These are the myths that they have invented out of thin air. Therefore, Jerusalem is the heart of the conflict.

- "Many nations have tried to take over Jerusalem. Europe with all its might, came and occupied Jerusalem for 100 years. But our nation did not despair, it did not become weary, or get tired. It fought [the Crusaders] until it regained this sacred space.

- "The Israelites were among the nations that have passed through here. They passed through here for 50 or 70 years, like tribes of nomads do. Now they are saying again that this is their land. Okay, but whose land was it before and after you?

- "The [Zionist] entity was humiliated. When faced with the warmings of the Qassem [Brigades], the occupation troops pulled out of the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

- "Ever since the resistance against the occupation began in Gaza, the occupation had the superior airforce and intelligence. It had satellites, listening devices, and espionage equipment. It had the capability to control the communications, and so on. Therefore, the infrastructure of the resistance in Gaza has been designed to deal with these challenges. This is why they cannot cause the resistance real harm.

- "Commanders in our ranks have been martyred. That's normal. Abu Mohammad Al-Jabari was martyred. Sheikh Ahmad Yassin was martyred. Abu Shamalah, Al-Attar, and Yahya Ayyash were all martyred. All the commanders of our resistance have been martyred. That's normal. This is the grace that Allah bestows upon us. Ultimately, Allah signals His acceptance by selecting us to be martyrs. Anyone who spends 20-30 years on the path of the resistance will end up as a martyr. But he also generates victory.

- "Therefore, the infrastructure of the resistance in Gaza is not exposed to the enemy, to prevent them from using the weapons in which they have superiority. The resistance was not designed in the classic and intuitive way an army is built. No. It was adapted to the enemy and its capabilities.

- "Therefore, in the previous war, in 2014, our resistance fought for 50 days, and it was hit every day and with the same intensity. The enemy has used all the capabilities in its arsenals. All that was left was the enemy's nuclear weapon. It had used everything else.

- "In this war, they began using the F-35 planes, which they had brought from America a few days ago. This is just so everybody knows that America is fighting us directly, on the ground. The shells that kill the children, fighters, and mujahideen are American. The airplanes are American as well.

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22:19 06.08.2021
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