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IDF update on the battle on Shifa hospital

IDF Spokesman has released an official update on the action still ongoing at al-Shifa hospital

Sheldag forces and other forces led by the 36th division continue to operate in the Shefaa hospital area.

Shifa' is a complex that consists of several buildings and is the largest hospital in the Gaza Strip.

The activity there is focused - with elements of a special operation for everything and anything, which is managed according to stages and a continuous assessment of the situation.

The forces move from building to building and scan floor by floor. All this, while there are still hundreds of patients and medical staff members.
The activity is conducted with discretion, patience and thoroughness. while carrying out an assessment of the situation in the field and an investigation that is conducted on the spot. So far, not a single medical staff member or IDF soldier has been injured in the activity.

We operate with the understanding that there are many more terrorist infrastructures in the area of the complex that are well buried.
Already now, after scanning some of the buildings, weapons, intelligence materials, including information related to the events of 7/10, military technologies and military equipment, headquarters, means of communication - all belonging to Hamas - have been located.

In the scans, technological means were located, including computers on which information and documentation related to the abductees was found. The funds were transferred for inspection and investigation.

It must be noted that Hamas, from the moment the hospitals were exposed a few weeks ago, worked to hide terrorist infrastructures and hide evidence.

It is a complex, continuous and developing activity which is led by a special unit. We discover new information all the time.

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Christopher Kaegi 20:21 16.11.2023
“Never Again” by Disturbed.
Christine Miklosik 20:11 16.11.2023
IDF keep on pushing through. Still praying for the safe return of the hostages.
Heather Redden 19:40 16.11.2023
The Israelis are about a million times smarter, more moral , and kinder than the Islamic terrorists… So, of course God is going to give them favor🥰😍 NEVER AGAIN…NEVER GIVE UP!!!
Denise Meyer 19:19 16.11.2023
I pray that this significant find will point them to the hostages and save them!
Sue Downs 19:04 16.11.2023
Keep doing what you are doing, IDF! So proud of your ethics and skill. עם ישראל חי!
19:03 16.11.2023
The staff n patients at the hospital probably have a large feeling of relief. 🙏🙏🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱