The Jewish Point Video Show
The Jewish Point Video Show - The Destruction of the First Temple

Learn more about the Babylonian conquest of Jerusalem and the events that led up to the First Temple's destruction. The City of David (the true location of the ancient Biblical Jerusalem - 2 Samuel 5:7) is now rising !


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Rhoda Wright 05:37 28.03.2022
I meant to say the Palestine’s unless that is the same as Philistines .. ?
Rhoda Wright 05:32 28.03.2022
It’s THE most terrible wrong . And some people of the world read the Bible & still side with the Philistines ! Unbelievable
darrel snider 10:31 20.07.2021
Well Jeremiah grotto where he put the stuff from temple and no one knew where till now it is where you not believe the ark is.
Judith Wilkerson 03:36 20.07.2021
Whomever let us view thank you. It was sad,moving. It shows how the Jews suffered the hands of others continuing throughout the centuries. Still yet it is occurring. Anti semites know this is wrong.
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