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PIJ: "Tel Aviv will be one of our targets"

Secretary General of the Islamic Jihad Movement, Ziyad al-Nakhalah, (who doesn't live in Gaza, and is now in Tehran) "Tel Aviv will be one of the targets of the resistance missiles, and the coming hours will prove to the enemy that all the resistance forces are one. We will fight them as one united man."​​​​

Additional reports from the Gaza Strip Taysir al-Jabari's companion, "Salma Abed" was also killed in the assassination

# Gaza Strip # Operation "Breaking Dawn"
Sam Johnson 23:08 05.08.2022
Make a glass desert of gaza
Edna Purcell-Diaz 18:54 05.08.2022
Not so, Jihadists. All of your resistance and more SHALL NEVER prevail against HaShem The Elohim of Israel. B’H
Paul Spangler 14:26 05.08.2022
Eliminate Gaza serves one purpose a launch site for Hamas terrorists. Israelis deserve and should demand safety!
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