The Iranian Threat
Iran is spreading forces to other areas in northeastern Syria near U.S. troops

Dozens of commanders from the Iranian militias and the Lebanese "Hezbollah" militia came to the city of Kamishli in the northern rural area of Hasaka district to train the forces of the Assad regime.

The Turkish Anadolu agency reported that the Lebanese Hezbollah militia had begun training the regime's local militia, known as the Shibha, in the northeastern Syrian city of Kamishli.

The reports also added that in recent weeks, Hezbollah members and Afghan elements from terrorist groups affiliated with Iran have arrived at the airport in the city of Kamishli.

Also, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards have sent about 200 fighters of Lebanese and Afghan descent to Kamishli over the past four weeks.

This was received uneasily by the Russian forces stationed in the city, as this could cause tensions with the other American forces stationed in Kamishli.

Four Hezbollah commanders, led by Haj Mahdi, began training the regime's "improvement" on light and medium-sized weapons, such as anti-aircraft guns, mortars and machine guns mounted on cars.

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