Palestinian Lies
VIDEO: Palestinian Authority Min. of Education to kids: There is no Israel, “the entire land is ours, from the Sea to the River”

While participating in a school event marking Palestinian Keffiyeh Day, Palestinian school children at the Kafr Qaddum High School for Girls in Qalqilya received a strong message: “Palestine – the entire land is ours, from the [Mediterranean] Sea to the [Jordan] River”

Images from the event posted by the PA Ministry of Education show that several PA maps of “Palestine” that erase Israel were prominently displayed at the event. The PA ministry wrote that similar celebrations were held “in all the homeland’s schools.”

Denial of Israel's right to exist and the use of the PA map of “Palestine” erasing Israel's existence in an educational context in the PA is official PA policy. Palestinian Media Watch has documented hundreds if not thousands of examples of the PA map displayed in educational settings, be it at events, in schoolbooks, in magazines distributed to youth at PA schools, at youth movement activities, or elsewhere.

The slogan that “Palestine” stretches “from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River” is also a central part of PA vocabulary. Earlier this year, a Fatah official explained that Fatah’s goal is to destroy Israel, stressing that Palestinians will continue riots until “liberating… Palestine from the [Mediterranean] Sea to the [Jordan] River”

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Jim Strider 14:36 25.11.2021
GOD is Israel and you can’t take that away love you guys
Pamela Lovejoy 07:25 25.11.2021
The Palestinians need to go elsewhere. Israel 🇮🇱 is not there land. It's God's land. We must pray 🙏 For the people of Israel 🇮🇱.
Jacob Walanjatil 06:38 25.11.2021
Israel is going to stay here on the earth forever and forever. The Kingdom belongs to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.Our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. Israel is the Fire. Read the Holy Bible
Max Hawkins 06:14 25.11.2021
Israel is God’s Chosen People; no one can take Israel’s land!!!
Delma Domagalski 06:06 25.11.2021
Palestine didn't exist and God never gave them any land! The land belongs to GOD
steve patraw 05:55 25.11.2021
These so called people, are not very bright. The Palestinian people will never have what was never there’s in the first place. Even the Arabs don’t want you in there own countries.
Michael Sosne 02:15 25.11.2021
This thing is the biggest smu___. But what do you expect from a muslim animal.
Ruth Hintz 23:36 24.11.2021
Oh if they only knew what was in store for them!!
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