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MUST WATCH: Trump Unveils Free Speech Policy Plan to "Shatter Left-Wing Censorship Regime"

Former President Donald Trump released a video Tuesday highlighting his free-speech policy platform if elected in 2024.

Some policy points include banning federal officials from working with tech platforms to violate the 1st Amendment rights of Americans, revising Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, and establishing a cooling-off period requiring former employees of the FBI, CIA, and other government agencies to wait seven years before joining tech companies that have “vast quantities of U.S. user data,” among several other actions.

Source - Breitbart/Youtube

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19:51 17.12.2022
Thank You ☺️
Katherine McNair 16:37 17.12.2022
Thank you so much, Mr. President. Freedom of speech is of extreme importance as are other issues. I’ll be voting for you in 2024.
Katherine McNair 16:36 17.12.2022
Thank you so much, President Trump! Planning to vote for you!! Free speech,among other issues, is of extreme importance. Katherine Windsor
15:59 17.12.2022
Praying for him to go away…far far away from America!!!
Rene Aguiluz 15:29 17.12.2022
Democrats are against freedom and indoctrination of children on woke ideology against freedom..indoctrination
15:13 17.12.2022
Trump has a battle to fight Biden 🤡ministration they hate trump hate 🇺🇸hate free-speech they just love their Kind🤪Weirdos😜right now running 🇺🇸with no experience into The groundI T4🇺🇸&🇮🇱
Robin Murphy 14:54 17.12.2022
Thank you so very much president Trump
14:53 17.12.2022
President Trump we are praying for you.❤️❤️🙏🙏⚓️
Cindy Stromberg 14:41 17.12.2022
Thankyou Presudent Trump!!