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Police angry at Minister Bar-Lev over investigation

Anger at police over Minister of Public Security Bar-Lev: "He forced an investigation of the funeral events instead of backing us"

Police sources claim that the Minister of Public Security forced them to investigate the events at the funeral of journalist Sheerin Abu Akla, even though they claimed that the throwing of stones at them led to the outbreak of clashes between them and the funeral.

Earlier, the commissioner ordered the establishment of a committee to examine the conduct of the police in the incident.

Source: Or Heller, Ayala Hasson - Twitter

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CaptJinx Marine 21:45 14.05.2022
Take all these lefties and ship them to France. No one is creditable in France except their new PM
Raphael Porath 20:37 14.05.2022
Will it ever dawn on israel that the enemy from within is not of the same western culture?