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ISIS increases activity in Iraq - how is this happening?

In recent weeks, the number of terrorist attacks attributed to ISIS in Iraq has been on the rise. The attacks are concentrated mainly north of the capital, Baghdad.

According to local sources, ISIS has not only exploited the weakness of the Iraqi security forces but managed to diversify its sources of income. Only recently was it reported that a family in the Karkuch area paid the organization $70,000 to bring about the release of one of its abducted sons. In addition, the jihadist organization is strengthened through the loot it collects from military bases it attacks.

And if that is not enough, a special committee on behalf of the state that examined the financial expenses of the "Martyrs' Organization" found that 300 ISIS members receive a monthly benefit from it.

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Pamela Lovejoy 07:55 23.12.2021
Before l got done reading this. I knew that Isis members was getting part of the money. Such wicked people.
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