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Nigeria: Muslims kill dozens of residents, burn down villages in jihad raids in Benue state

“JUST IN: Armed Herdsmen Sack Benue State Community, Kill Scores Of Residents, Four Soldiers, Burn Houses,” Sahara Reporters:

Armed Fulani herdsmen have attacked yet another Benue State community, killing scores of residents including four Nigerian soldiers and burning down villages.

SaharaReporters reliably gathered on Monday that the attack took place on Sunday at Iyer village in Uvir Council Ward in Guma local government area of the state.

Community sources told SaharaReporters that the terrorists Fulani herdsmen invaded the community at about 5pm on Sunday and opened fire on the residents.

Many people according to sources were burnt alive inside their houses.

One of the sources, who gave his name simply as Barnabas told SaharaReporters that the four soldiers who were killed, came to the community after they received distress calls to repel the attackers but they were outgunned by the herdsmen numbering over 50.

“This is seventh times Fulani herdsmen would be attacking communities in Guma local government area in one month. This very attack happened at about 5pm yesterday (Sunday) Fulani herdsmen with suspected Nigeria soldiers accompanying them launched an attack in Iye village in Uvir council Ward, Guma local government of Benue State. They killed several people including four soldiers. Ten bodies have been discovered and so many houses have been burned.”…

SaharaReporters reported on May 11 that Fulani herdsmen reportedly killed no fewer than 28 people in renewed attacks on Mbawa Council Ward in Guma Local Government area of Benue State, North Central Nigeria.

Sources had told SaharaReporters that tens of people had been gruesomely killed by the jihadist terrorists’ herdsmen in the local government area in recent months.

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Tony Pettitt 07:55 26.05.2023
God send the angel of the LORD to protect your children in JESUS NAME AMEN!!!!
[Anonymous] 06:41 26.05.2023
Why isn’t the govt. of the country protecting its people? This govt. needs to go. Just like our US govt. needs to go.
[Anonymous] 05:48 26.05.2023
Jenny Ohayon 03:28 26.05.2023
The government is obviously complicit in what is going on. The poor citizens have no one to help them.
Kelly Kite 01:18 26.05.2023
This is Terrible
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