The War in Syria
Russia is increasing its presence in the Palmyra military base with planes and mercenaries for attacks on ISIS

In recent days, Russian forces have stepped up their presence in the Syrian Badia (desert) area, with the aim of stepping up their fighting against ISIS in the rural area of Homs district, and especially near the area of the city of Tadmor (Palmyra).

According to reports reaching the Syrian news site Ein Efrat, two Russian "Sukhoi 24" planes arrived at the Palmyra military airport in the eastern part of Homs province on Saturday, November 27, to participate in the attack on ISIS positions in the Homs desert.

According to sources, the fighter jet was accompanied by an Ilyushin plane loaded with about 120 members of the Russian "Wagner" militia, who were dropped off at Palmyra Airport.

The site confirmed that the above reinforcements are among the largest groups of Russian fighters in the area, indicating the determination of the Russians to raise the level of military operations and strengthen their influence, in addition to increasing the frequency of air strikes.

In the Syrian Badia, ISIS frequently stage attacks on regime sites and Iranian militias, as the organization controls a large desert enclave in Syrian Badia that stretches across al-Raqqa, Deir a-Zor, Homs, Hama and Aswida districts.

According to recent reports, the Iranians, who also operated from the Tadmor Airport, withdrew from there for fear of Israeli attacks that the Russians refused to act to stop.

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Patricia Maple 19:18 02.12.2021
World Peace is a joke at this point. It's to late. My God is coming soon than things will change.
darrel snider 16:28 02.12.2021
Time for Russia to have another Afghanistan
Diane Camp 16:11 02.12.2021
Amen to the last Comment
15:02 02.12.2021
All countries and groups need to stay in their own territories and take care of their own people. They would all be much better off. How hard is that to understand? That would promote World Peace! 🙏
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