DM Gantz: "If we need an operation in Lebanon - it will be powerful"

The Ministry of Defense is holding a rally of salute and tribute to the fighters and fallen in the "Peace of the Galilee" war, which took place 40 years ago.

In his speech at the event, Defense Minister Gantz said that if Israel were forced to launch an operation, it would "charge a heavy price for Iranian-Hezbollah shipments, and from the state of Lebanon."

"We are ready for battle, and if necessary, we will march again to Beirut, Sidon, Tire and wherever required. We do not want a war and we are prepared to go very far in the path of peace, and in the paths of settlement such as the maritime border between us and Lebanon, which we must conclude quickly and fairly. For the dying Lebanese economy, it will be a breath of fresh air, and I wish it would also be a significant step in strengthening stability in the region."

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La Jun 03:48 23.06.2022
Hezbollah is being funded by this fraudulent government in U.S.. And Hamas is being funded by the Deep State and the World Elites.
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