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Last year's war: 4 Female troops can finally speak out

4 fighters who acted in Operation Guardian of the Walls recreate the most tense moments: 

- "They tried to hit the Iron Dome, we did not let it happen"
- They remember their concern for the family at home while they themselves were in the middle of the storm.
- They know every stone and tree in Gaza: "I have a huge desire one day to go in there and walk around"
- They had to be able to differentiate between a resident and a terrorist while the Gaza Strip is flooded with rocket launchers

"Half of the unit was brought down south right as soon as Hamas began to threaten. Our team was a part of a special force that was already in place. We reached the area. We joined the force and we were there for 10 days. It all happened very quickly."

Source: N12 News


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Cynthia H 22:45 04.08.2022
Lord bless, guard and protect these wonderful gifted warriors!
Dalya Horowitz 21:24 06.05.2022
So brave! Kol HaKavod to all of you. You and your brave fellow soldiers make the dream of living in the promised land a reality. Thank you so much!!