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Palestinian Terrorism Meets Israeli Paralysis

Israel has faced invariable terror onslaughts at the hands of its Arab neighbors for over a century. And over the course of this long war, Israel has learned the hard way that there is no nice way to fight terrorism.

The only way to end a terror onslaught is to go on offense; to attack the terrorists on their home turf before they can attack Israeli civilians; to dismantle the militaries and social infrastructures that fund, incite, reward and incentivize terrorists to attack.

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Robert McMaster 04:19 28.04.2022
She is always so wise in her conclusions. There are many who know of Israel's peaceful, loving,ways.The way to be truly loving is to be protective of your peoples,GD will be with you and help you to V
Louna Parrish 01:44 28.04.2022
Right on point. They do not respect wishy washy leaders. Strength only.
Danny Stricklen 01:23 28.04.2022