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Trump: Dinner with Kanye West happened because I'm overly generous

Former US President defends dinner with controversial rapper, stresses again he didn't know who Nick Fuentes was

INN reports that speaking to New York magazine in an interview published Friday and quoted by The Hill, Trump said that West has “always been very good” to him and he believed he wanted advice.

“And I do that for people, sometimes at my own risk, I guess. But I do that for people. I like helping people that have difficulties in life. And I think, you know, from that standpoint, I did the right thing,” he said.

Source - INN/Twitter - Image - Reuters

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Tuin Boon 18:18 28.12.2022
James Everett 15:49 26.12.2022
Hard to comment when you only get 30 characters., Geez Louise NEWSRAEL, is this you way of controlling spam?
James Everett 15:46 26.12.2022
...too this, too that. I guess this is why no one wants to run for office on the Right. The Right is ruthless to their own.
James Everett 15:45 26.12.2022
Don't get panties in such wad. By now you should know that Ye says whatever comes out of his mouth. And Trump loses support by fair weather supporters no matter what he does. Too nice, too mean,...
[Anonymous] 01:32 26.12.2022
Trump has lost my vote after his association with antisemitic Ye/West
Donald Lerman 17:19 25.12.2022
Big mistake for Trump hosting a real hating Anti Semite will equal big loss at the polls I'm not judging Kane but by his own words& deeds he defined himself Looks a like a duck walks like a duck
Karolina De 16:19 25.12.2022
He knew... He wouldn't allow anyone into his fortress after the invasion of the FBI. Maybe De Santis will run for president and it will be up to God who takes this temporary throne to do his will
Frankie Borges 13:07 25.12.2022
Frankie Borges 13:07 25.12.2022
That’s the difference, don’t judge and you won’t be judged! The heart is a deceitful thing, how can man know it but God of Abraham Isaac Jacob !!!!
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