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Biden outdoes Obama: Releases 7 Billion dollars to Iran in exchange for prisoner exchange

In Obama's time, they only gave the Iranians 1.7 billion dollars.

With the finalization of the negotiations between Iran and the United States to release the prisoners of the two countries at the same time, seven billion dollars will be released from Iran's blocked foreign exchange resources.

The received news indicates that in recent weeks intensive negotiations have been held with the mediation of one of the regional countries regarding the simultaneous release of Iranian and American prisoners, and seven billion dollars of the blocked foreign exchange resources of our country are also about to be released in this framework.

Photo: Reuters


Does the article interest you?
Wayne Mullen 21:31 02.10.2022
When will they ever learn you can't deal with the devil .
Anna Payton 16:42 02.10.2022
Yeah the terrorists said the money will build their terrorists group up stronger, why does biden love terrorists, I don't get it.
Jeanne Ferguson 16:03 02.10.2022
He's an ass
14:03 02.10.2022
Good Thing The U.S. Dollar Is Now WORTH NOTHING UNDER SLEEPYJoe!!!!😱🤡😡🤮👿👹🐷😖
Tony Pettitt 13:35 02.10.2022
Yeah give them cash so they can buy more arms for the terrorist organizations like Hasbulla and Hamas to kill Jews and Christians!!!!!
Michael Miller 13:32 02.10.2022
What an idiot