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The Jewish Point Daily Show - David & Goliath

The story of David and Goliath has been told for thousands of years, and has captivated mans' dreams of being able to overcome the impossible.

Tonight on the Jewish Point Daily Show we have an animation illustrating the mythological David and Goliah story.


# The Bible
Susan Medrano 03:37 30.10.2021
Where are you he David's, the the Ezekials, the Elisha's Ruth's? Who is going to stand for Israel? Pray for me to speak when no one is watching. I repent for myself & my country!
Susan Medrano 03:29 30.10.2021
That's right! Everytime I hear these antiGod leaders n the US & abroad & they all are spewing their filth, it's looking ke they are daring someone to defy them. US? Cowards.
Peter Abreu 10:35 17.07.2021
mthwa malibongwe 06:22 17.07.2021
Hallelujah 💖🇮🇱
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