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Trade growth between Jordan and Syria: Truck traffic from Jordan to Syria increased by 850%

The head of the syndicate of owners of companies for the evacuation and transportation of goods in Jordan, Daif Allah Abu Akula, said that the rate of truck traffic from Jordan to Syria has increased by more than 850% this year compared to the volume of work in previous years. 

Abu Akula noted that the number of trucks entering Syria from the kingdom currently ranges from 100 to 120 trucks per day, whereas previously it did not exceed 15 to 20 trucks.

He pointed to a marked increase in the volume of goods crossing the kingdom to Syria from the port of Aqaba, as well as from the Gulf states, indicating that the most important materials entering Syria are destined for the renewable energy industry sectors, batteries, tires, industrial raw materials and some food products.

According to the latest trade data released by the Department of General Statistics in Jordan, total imports from Syria during the first eight months of the year amounted to 29.5 million dinars, compared to 20.2 million dinars in the same period last year, and national exports to Syria increased to 36.8 million dinars from 22.7 million dinars In the same period last year.

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