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The data show: This is the "start-up nation" of the Arab world

Forbes Magazine of the Middle East publishes, as every year, the list of the top 50 startups in terms of fundraising. The data show that the companies on the list raised $ 3 billion, while the 10 companies in the first place raised a total of $ 10 billion.

To enter the list, a number of criteria must be met, such as the founding year not before 2014, raising at least $ 15.5 million by December 2021 and companies that were not involved in the process of taking over, merging or issuing on the stock exchange.

The list shows that the United Arab Emirates is the leader in the Arab world with 22 companies on the list, including 4 in the first places. Saudi Arabia in second place with 12 start-ups and Egypt third with seven companies.

FinTech and e-commerce top the list with 24 companies that together raised more than $ 1 billion. 4 companies represent the medical services sector.

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