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WATCH BREAKING: Several explosive devices reportedly found in a car on the Route 431 highway

Earlier this morning there was a large blast in Tel Aviv's Hayarkon Park. Authorities are investigating a possible connection between the explosion and the car stopped on Route 431.

Israeli security forces arrested an individual in Ramle driving on Route 431 after it was discovered that he had explosive devices in his vehicle, according to Israeli media. 

The road was subsequently blocked in both directions. 


The Shin Bet is involved together with the Israel Police in the investigation of the bomb explosion in Tel Aviv this morning. 
Regarding the arrest made on Route 431 a short time ago, the connection to the incident is being examined. 

The investigation of the incident continues. 

Shin Bet Communications

A senior security official told News 14: "The suspicion is of a more serious incident than currently thought, we may have succeeded in thwarting a terrorist squad that planned to sabotage the holiday in a number of unusual terrorist incidents that we have not yet seen."

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Simone Anita 12:58 15.09.2023
Here we go again, the buffoon in Chief in WA. gifting billions of 💵 to the terrorist regime in Tehran and they spreading it like candies to their two legged animals’ puppets to murder Israelis. #FJB
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