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The Shabak (GSS) arrests Lod residents for terrorist activities during Operation Guardian of the Walls

The investigation revealed that two residents carried out a shooting attack in the city on May 13, and were involved in additional disturbances

During Operation Guardian of the Walls in May 2021, a series of severe shooting attacks, as well as harsh incidents of violence and terrorism were carried out in Lod. 
One of these shooting attacks occurred on 13 May during severe disturbances, against the background of Operation Guardian of the Walls, on Exodus Street in Lod. A Jewish civilian was lightly-to-moderately wounded as a result of shots fired at a group of Jews on the street.
Pursuant to an Israeli Security Agency (ISA, generally known as Shin Ben) investigation in conjunction with the Israel Police, two residents of Lod in their late 20's have been arrested – Amsalem Hasouna and Iyad Hasouna.
During the ISA investigation, it was learned that the two carried out the shooting attack and were also involved in additional disturbances in Lod in May. Upon the conclusion of their investigation, they were indicted in Lod District Court for serious offenses.
The ISA and the Israel Police view with utmost severity the involvement of Israel citizens in terrorism and will continue to take constant and determined action to solve all terrorist incidents that were carried out during Operation Guardian of the Walls and to deal with perpetrators to the fullest extent of the law.


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