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After nine months: Terrorist who carried out a shooting attack against soldiers in the Jordan Valley was arrested

The security forces arrested the terrorist who carried out a shooting attack on IDF forces and wounded six soldiers and managed to escape.

In a joint operation by the Israeli Defense Forces, the IDF and the Shin Bet, the terrorist Maher Aseid was arrested tonight (Thursday) in the village of Al Yamon based on accurate intelligence information.

Maher, a resident of Wadi Burkin, planned and carried out the shooting and attempted arson attack against a bus of soldiers in the Jordan Valley last September together with his son and nephew.

In the attack, the bus driver was seriously injured, an officer was moderately injured and five other soldiers were slightly injured.

Two terrorists, Walid and Muhammad Turhman, brothers from Jenin, were caught near the scene with weapons, after their vehicle caught fire as a result of a Molotov cocktail with which they tried to set fire to the bus on its occupants. One of them subsequently died as a result.

The security forces were hunting for the terrorist Asa'id, who is married to a resident of East Jerusalem, but he fled the scene and was only caught now.

BREAKING: 5 injured in a shooting attack on a bus in the Jordan Valley

Source: INN

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[Anonymous] 04:06 26.05.2023
Wow they can’t escape elite Israel forces ! Thank You God!
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