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BREAKING: Gabi Ashkenazi is in favor of a government with Netanyahu

NEWSRAEL: Ashkenazi, former COS of the IDF and political partner with Gantz in an interview where he says the obvious: If only Gantz and Lapid, who seem to care so much for "democracy”, had entered the government with Netanyahu - a wide government without "extremists" could have been formed. 

"If preserving Israel as Jewish and democratic is acceptable to all of us - it would be better for Gantz, Lapid and Netanyahu to form a government and leave Ben-Gvir and Smotrich out." This is what the former Foreign Minister and Chief of Staff said in an interview, and added a harsh criticism of the reservists' protest: "It is impossible to come to terms with the army." 

"Then they tell me 'Bibi cheated'. True, but we had a government with him for a year and a half," Ashkenazi added. "What, Yariv Levin didn't want to change the committee for selecting judges? He wanted. He didn't want a superseding clause? He wanted, he didn't get it. And I'm not talking about the annexation that was prevented."

Ashkenazi elaborated on the dissolution of the Gantz-Netanyahu government, after it failed to pass a budget: "Netanyahu cheated us because we gave it to him. We deleted the clause that prevents sanctioning him if he doesn't pass the budget, and thus we made it possible. We drooled because we wanted to enter the government."

NEWSRAEL: Ashkenazi is referring to when he and Gantz were in a coalition with Netanyahu with an agreement that after 2 years, Gantz would become Prime minister. To this day they claim Netanyahu pulled the wool over their eyes, as if this would be the first time in history that a politician pulled a fast one on a rival. This is what is behind the months of protests - ego - not the "good of the country" even though Israel is facing one of the biggest threats to its existence from Iran and its proxies.

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Calvin Flack 01:40 26.05.2023
Ashkenaz of the Ashkenazis. A tautology. LMAO.