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Douglas Murray reports, debates the notion Palestinians are "peace-loving"

People mention the “two-state solution” as if the majority of Palestinians are peace-loving, and there are only a few bad apples. 

No, the majority of the population are bad apples. 

Watch the amazing interview with Piers Morgan!

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Heather Redden 13:23 15.11.2023
Wow…what planet are these whack-a-doodles living on…??? 🤪Deny-Reality-Whack-doodle Nation🤪🤪🤪
ROBERT DAVIDSON 02:18 12.11.2023
Hamas is killing their own people so they can blame Israel. They use little kids as human shields. Their only purpose in life is to destroy Israel and the Israeli people it does not matter what what.
Stephen Gallichan 22:16 11.11.2023
The Muslims are not peace loving, they have been trying to overthrow Christianity since the sixth century, Europe has fought three crusades against Muslims, and four wars, they are the new Amelekites.
Isa Sala 21:06 11.11.2023
Piers Morgan made the biggest ridicule of his entire career. This guy is a real journalist: reports the truth
[Anonymous] 18:35 11.11.2023
[Anonymous] 18:35 11.11.2023
Kingsley Gorman 16:07 11.11.2023
No ceasefire! No armistice! No mercy! “There is no substitute for victory.” Gen. Douglas MacArthur 🇺🇸
[Anonymous] 16:05 11.11.2023
You say massive amounts of causalities. Where ? No proof of thousands of thousands of Palestinian casualties. All lies Israel will prevail.
abby bond 15:51 11.11.2023
That was an incredible interview that the world needs to see! This generation is reflective of Noah’s pre flood generation. It’s coming, and has already begun to rain. The world needs to see it!!
grum worku 15:48 11.11.2023
Very impressive and educational interview for those who are confused. Bless your heart.
[Anonymous] 15:41 11.11.2023
Excellent and so clear. Israel is fighting for its survival and fighting Hamas barbarians. And yes, Gaza civilians are aiders and abetters in the massacre of Jewish men, women and children.
Raymond Via 15:24 11.11.2023
Pray for Christians trapped in Gaza as they're in the middle of this horrific war. I pray for the Peace of Jerusalem and Isreli Victory.
[Anonymous] 15:00 11.11.2023
Douglas, thank you for such a frank interview with Pierce Morgan. I wish you would tell the American media and public everything you said in this interview. But don’t minimalize the Natzies.
[Anonymous] 14:57 11.11.2023
The Jews are doing what they should be doing!!!!! Go Israel I stand with you and for you!!
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