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EXPOSED: The espionage affair of the Chinese regime at the heart of the FBI and CIA

This week, an announcement was made on the FBI website, that the organization captured one of its employees, a Chinese by origin, who was placed in the anti-espionage unit. Here is the Israeli report on this scandal.

The employee worked for China, within the organization for over 20 years. Along with him, his brother who worked in the special operations unit of the CIA was also captured. 

The two brothers who were recruited into the Chinese intelligence services the MSS, handed him valuable intelligence information about the American intelligence services, their special operations, the infrastructure of the operations in China and American agents operating in China and more.

NTD Hebrew news reporter, Lee Rom, spoke on the subject with Dr. Eyal Pinko, who also referred during the conversation more generally to the threat of Chinese agents infiltrating the heart of American intelligence organizations.

Pinko says, among other things: "The latest affair that was discovered is indeed one story... but Chinese espionage in the US is deep espionage. 

One of the brothers, Alex, who finished his job at the CIA moved to work at the FBI, where he "straw-fed" the stories the Chinese wanted the Americans to know. In other words, the Chinese tell Alex what to say to the Americans... and thus he actually misleads the FBI in the entire process of thwarting Chinese espionage in the US [and all this] from the counter-espionage center where he sits as an employee."

Pinko adds: "One of the things that David, the older brother, did is that he created around him a community of agents of a network that he established from among Chinese who are in the US, and whom he sent on missions. In other words, in this affair, one person activated dozens of other people."

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pflip521 01:33 25.01.2023
Our executive branch of government has been infiltrated by China and Russia. FBI/CIA NEED TO CLEAN HOUSE.
[Anonymous] 21:59 24.01.2023
Spies and traitors should be terminated. I don’t care how it’s done.
Douglas Glaser 20:19 24.01.2023
So are they gonna hang 'em , Or just let 'em go?
Sandy Grant 19:43 24.01.2023
FBI and cia have lost all credibility in American citizens eyes
Arnaldo Sanchez 19:32 24.01.2023
How stupid can the FBI and CIA can be to employ Chinese people to such jobs?
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