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Gaza is angered - but excited by rare video -WATCH

In the video, Gazan young men and women are seen spending time together in swimwear in a fenced Gazan villa, in the prestigious Gazan resort village - Bianco.
Spending time together in a closed villa is already too much for the Gazans, and many responses were not long to appear. 

"Where have we deteriorated?" asked many Gazans online. Some called for the resort to be closed immediately.


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John Steedley 19:08 26.07.2022
NT says to follow all the rules and regulations less you cause offense.Then you pay the price of it
John Steedley 19:06 26.07.2022
Looks like your in for a bad time
Tony Pettitt 18:22 26.07.2022
They’re very conservative I know but look at America women go to the beach with their butts showing. Pornography is rampant and social influencers are stripping for cash on the internet!!!!
Michael Dalheimer 18:16 26.07.2022
Just Like my Kids. Go ahead kids
M W 18:08 26.07.2022
Please, they're just a bunch of young people having some innocent fun. .let the kids be.
Thomas Murray 18:05 26.07.2022
<sarcasm> Heaven forbid that nice young people have fun. </sarcasm>
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