The Iranian Threat
UPDATES: Breaking now: "Huge explosion" reported in Iranian Nuke area of Natanz!

BREAKING Akhabar Fori channel quotes "Daneshju agency" which it quotes local sources about hearing a HUGE explosion over Natanz. 

The "Daneshju agency" is run by the Basij which are the thugs that do the dirty work of the Iranian Ayatollahs.

The Iranian Fars (Gov controlled)  news agency reports that an unidentified glider is being intercepted in the area of Druid about 20 km from the Bentz underground nuclear facility.

The blast occurred in the area of Badrod (close to Natanz). Iranian security forces are removing civilians from the area.

It should be remembered that even in past cases, the Iranians have tried to obscure the damage caused to nuclear facilities.
We will wait to see what the situation is this time. The information is still preliminary.

20:20: Iran claims that an air-to-surface missile was launched as part of an air defense test facility in the area of Edrude (This report is being heavily contested by experts)

20:26: Governor of Natanz: I can say with certainty that no casualties were caused to life or property.
The full details of the investigation will be released tomorrow.

20:50: Iranians living in the area of Natanz say that this is the first time they have felt or heard such an explosion. The Iran army says it was a test. Who to believe?


Yet to confirm. Details will be updated here as they come in!

# The Iranian Threat
Paul Durocher 01:23 05.12.2021
Keep focus on our Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus!!
Steve DiSciullo 18:52 04.12.2021
Steve DiSciullo 18:52 04.12.2021
Some gripe and simply wait to die, some act.
Nick Horsky 18:27 04.12.2021
Don Sanders 18:19 04.12.2021
Response after Iran's threat to Israel!
Rhonda Lynn 18:17 04.12.2021
God help us were heading for ww 3
18:09 04.12.2021
Keep your fingers crossed ! Hopefully, Kaboom.
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