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The Middle East Analysis Video Show - What Happens When a Muslim Women Enters a Jewish Town

Israeli Jews are forbidden by Israeli law from entering into Palestinian Authority towns.
Those Jews who, by accident entered these areas have many times been physically attacked and put in danger.

But - what about Arabs who enters a Jewish "settlement"? Sounds dangerous!

The brave Sara Zoabi, and Arab-Israeli, in her niqab, goes to the Jewish settlement "Ariel" to find out.

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Tony Pettitt 11:20 11.12.2021
The Palestinians have been fed a bunch of lies,they’ve been told they are the true owners of the state of Israel, and that there was now temple on the Temple Mount. That Jews are apes and pigs 
16:31 29.11.2021
 just like me Israel newsrael we see two sides and how Israel treats the people that come in so lSalome SalomeHappy Hanukkah It’s so sad that you see violence towards Israel be Be s strong🙏🏻
Phillip Avalos 12:13 29.11.2021
I love Jewish people 🇮🇱
11:23 29.11.2021
In order to know the truth you have to back to the biblical days See Ismail and Isaac and Jacob and Esau and Abraham marriage to Ketura . That hatred will go on until Yeshua returns
11:16 29.11.2021
Jews don’t see Arab as enemies they are just people like you and me who goes about in their daily lives. As a matter of fact it goes to any one. But with Palestinian Arab all Jews are an enemy.
Jimmy Alura 00:01 29.11.2021
God bless Israel!
Heriberto Valhuerdi 23:11 28.11.2021
Muslims will never destroy Israel. God is with Israel. Use nuclear power to destroy the enemy if needed before destroying land of God.
C & 22:44 22.09.2021
Jewish people are so kind and welcoming! 😊❤🔯👏👏👏
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