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Ukrainians see Israel as a friendly country - Poll

Over half of Ukrainians consider Israel a friendly country that supports them, while only 12 percent disagree with the statement, a recent survey commissioned by the Israeli embassy in Kyiv found.

According to the poll conducted by the International Institute of Sociology in Kyiv, 60% of Ukrainians feel solidarity with Israelis, whom they see as the victims of Palestinian terrorism. Furthermore, 64% of those asked voiced support for the Jewish state in its conflict with Iran.

Israel’s approach to the Ukraine conflict has been described as a “delicate balancing act.” This is in part due to Jerusalem’s deconfliction mechanism with Moscow, allowing the IDF to strike Iranian targets in Syria, where the Russian Armed Forces have a significant presence. In the 11 months since Russia invaded Ukraine, Israel has provided that country with humanitarian aid.

When asked why Israel has refused to supply Ukraine with weapon systems, 33% said that they believe this decision derives from Israel’s complex relations with the Kremlin. 17% called the decision understandable but unacceptable, while 26% said the decision was neither understandable nor acceptable.

The survey also found that 87% of those asked thought Israeli technology would be able to help Ukraine’s recovery after the war with Russia ends.

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