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From Oslo to Abraham

REVIEW: 'In the Path of Abraham: How Donald Trump Made Peace in the Middle East—and How to Stop Joe Biden from Unmaking It' - Jason Greenblatt's memoir of his time as former president Trump's envoy for the Middle East

The Oslo process meant that most Arab states would condition diplomatic recognition of Israel on a deal that created a Palestinian state. 

In effect, it gave a veto to the diplomatic and economic integration of the Middle East to the Palestinian leadership.

One reason Trump's gamble in the Middle East paid off is because America's Arab allies were frustrated with Palestinian leader Abbas. Greenblatt writes that in 2017 Arab leaders were still publicly supporting Abbas, "but behind the scenes, a different picture seemed to be emerging. 

Source: Washington Free Beacon

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09:09 25.10.2022
The Great I Am is the GOD of Israel - there is NO other!! Israel trust only in the LORD your GOD!
La Jun 02:41 25.10.2022
Destructive Peace. You know it. Psalm 83