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In their own words: Arabs tell us that there is NO PALESTINE

In his book Myths of the Middle East , the Arab essayist and historian , Joseph Farah writes: ‘ There has never been a land known as Palestine governed by Palestinians. Palestinians are Arabs, indistinguishable from Jordanians, another recent invention, Syrians, Iraqis, etc. 

Keep in mind that the Arabs control 99.9 per cent of Middle East lands. Israel represents one tenth of one per cent of the landmass. But that is too much for the Arabs. They want it all. 

And that is ultimately what the fighting around Israel is all about. No matter how many concessions the Israelis make , it will never be enough.

Let us see what other Arabs have stated:

Ibn Taymiyyah ( 1263 - 1328 ) one of Islam’s foremost scholars: ‘In Jerusalem there is not a place one calls sacred and the same holds true for the tombs of Hebron‘

Yousef Diya al - Khalidi , Ottoman Mayor of Jerusalem, 1899: ‘Zionism is natural, beautiful and just ... who could contest the rights of the Jews in Palestine? My God, historically it is your country‘. ‘There is no such thing as Palestine in history - absolutely not."

Auni Bey Abdul-Hadi, Syrian Arab Diplomatic Leader to the British Peel Commission 1937: ‘There is no such country as Palestine. Palestine is a term the Zionists invented. There is no Palestine in the Bible.‘

Professor Philip Hitti, the most learned Arab scholar on Islamic affairs of the 20th century, 1946: ‘There’s no such country as Palestine - absolutely not and never was‘

Ahmed Shukan - Saudi Diplomat at the U.N. 1956: ‘It is common knowledge that Palestine is part of Syria’

Hafez Assad, Syrian Dictator to PLO leader Yassir Arafat: ‘You do not represent Palestine - there is no such thing as a Palestinian people’

Zuhair Mushin, military commander of the PLO and member of the PLO Executive Council: ‘There are no differences between Jordanians, Syrians, Lebanese. We are all part of one nation. It is only for political reasons that we carefully underline our Palestinian identity ...yes the existence of a separate Palestinian identity serves only tactical purposes. The founding of a Palestinian State is just a tool in the battle against Israel.’

Walid Shoebat - former PLO terrorist: ‘Why on June 4th 1967 I was Jordanian and overnight I became a Palestinian? We did not mind Jordanian rule - the teaching of the destruction of Israel was a definite part of the curriculum but we considered ourselves Jordanian until the Jews returned to their holy Jerusalem. The star was removed from the Palestinian flag and now we had a Palestinian flag. When I realized the lies and myths I was taught it is my duty as a righteous person to speak out.‘

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18:32 23.10.2023
Look at the Palestinians DNA, they never owned that land, they are Arab and Italian. They tell us in their own words there is no Palestine. It’s a lie! https://newsil.page.link/eCw5z7P7C42jaNn46
ROBERT DAVIDSON 01:52 01.10.2023
Arafat was Iranian. In Russia he invented a false ID name, became in charge of "palestine" and ammased a fortune. His wife lived in a mansion mansion in Paris. Follow the money
21:01 30.09.2023
At the time of the Romans, Judea and Samaria were named Eolia Capitalina, and it maintained this name for a long time. Then, due to a Jewish rebelión, the Roman in order tu punish the Jews renamed it.
Frank Hamrick 19:42 30.09.2023
The Nazi’s were horrible, inhumane savages and demonstrate the potential depravity residing deep within the human heart. They are exhibit A of what happens to a society that turns its back on God.