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The battle between the Israeli "Barak" missile and the Russian "Iskander" on the Morocco-Algeria border

Morocco received and began operating the first anti-missile systems of the Barak MX model capable of shooting down aircraft or missiles at a range of 150 kilometers.

The system is manufactured by the Israel Aerospace Industries (Israel Aerospace Industries). The company will also supply the same systems to the European anti-missile defense project, which Germany is promoting.

Why did Barak MX attract Morocco's interest?

The Algerians have always been proud that their army has the export version of the Iskander short-range tactical ballistic missile, which has a range of less than 280 km and weighs about 3 tons with a 400 kg TNT warhead, although this missile has is a large error rate, especially in the export version. 

Despite this, the missile still poses a major threat to the country's vital facilities, so Morocco hastened to install a system in the field capable of shooting down these missiles quite easily.

Barak MX vs Iskander missile in Azerbaijan

Russia urged Yerevan to fire Iskander missiles at Azerbaijan in the final days of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict as Moscow pressed for a ceasefire.

Armenia fired at least one Russian-made Iskander ballistic missile at Baku in November, during the Nagorno-Karabakh war, but Azerbaijan shot it down, a senior source familiar with the incident told the world media.

Yerevan fired an Iskander ballistic missile directly at the Azeri capital days before the ceasefire, but the missile defense system deployed by the Azerbaijani military, the Israeli-made Barak-8, shot it down.

Impressed by this, Morocco decided to purchase the Barak defense system and deploy it on the border with Algeria.

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I wonder who put the pentagram without the circle on the picture the Israeli star of David has six points not five the satanic pentagram has five
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