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WATCH: When Trump wanted to make the USA energy independent

Donald Trump wanted to fill the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in March of 2020 when oil was $24 a barrel.

Schumer called it a big oil bailout.

Biden will now pay about TRIPLE to fill the reserves after draining them to keep gas prices artificially ‘low’ for votes.

Source: Brianna Lyman - Twitter

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[Anonymous] 00:16 22.10.2022
All the presidents we will have now will be against Israel
Vicki T 23:19 21.10.2022
Our U.S. citizens that voted for Trump made him an instrument in God’s hands. If for some reason he isn’t able to run again, God can raise up another Cyrus!
Jeanne Ferguson 22:24 21.10.2022
Another good thing Trump did. We need a Republican in office.
Jay Young 20:04 21.10.2022
Schumer is “In the pocket” of everyone except the country he took an oath to serve.
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