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'Shoot me now!' Obama's incredible outburst aimed at Joe Biden

BARACK OBAMA privately lost his cool with Joe Biden after launching an incredible outburst, shattering the close relationship they projected during the 2008 presidential election campaign.

The 44th US President is alleged to have found Joe Biden, his deputy at the time so “condescending” he asked an aide: “Shoot. Me. Now.” 

A new book, entitled 'The Long Alliance: The Imperfect Union of Joe Biden and Barack Obama', which is out on September 13, appears to suggest there was a lot of tension in the relationship between the two men. 

The book also alleges that in 2020, Mr Obama was reluctant in his backing for Mr Biden's bid to become US President, initially believing his candidacy would be “unthinkably painful.”

Source: Express

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Pamela Hackner 09:24 02.09.2022
Both hopeless think they run the world. Hashem runs the world. Obama has become very rich in the last few years.
Jason Lipstein 09:13 02.09.2022
Obama runs Biden. And HaShem runs them both. G-D Help us.
Anna Payton 06:40 02.09.2022
Both of them are disgusting, biden more than Obama, biden is an embarrassment.
Renee De 05:48 02.09.2022
They are both useless
Kevin Mahaney 04:25 02.09.2022
This is a false flag operation by Obama! He has always done this, distancing him self from any problems!
Md Lp 04:12 02.09.2022
Neither have any integrity.
04:06 02.09.2022
WOW! Obama Was Smarted Than I Thought! Obama couldn’t/Can’t stand SLEEPYJoe Either!!😱😂🤡🤨Just PROVES THAT THERE IS SOMEBODY ELSE RUNNING THE DEMONRatic PARTY!!🤡😱😖🤨😡