VIDEO: Lebanese researcher Rafic Nasrallah recounts 19th century Damascus Blood Libel to explain Beirut port explosion

Lebanese researcher Rafic Nasrallah recounted the story of the 1840 Damascus blood libel to explain the “truth” behind the August 2020 Beirut Port explosion. 

Source: OTV (Lebanon)

Nasrallah spoke on a show that aired on OTV (Lebanon), on September 24, 2021. The host of the show said that “nobody rules out the theory” that it was Israel that bombed the Beirut Port, but that the Lebanese people deserve to know the truth behind the events. In response, Nasrallah recounted the story of the 19th century Christian priest who was supposedly kidnapped by Jews, and his blood was used “for something.” He said: “Whenever there are scandals related to these things, the truth is gone.” 

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darrel snider 16:30 08.10.2021
Bull crap lies coming from fat bastard deserves hanging.
C & 16:08 08.10.2021
Israel did NOT bomb Beirut's port!! Stop blaming Israel for everything you evil one's do!!
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