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UK soccer team loses sponsors after flying PA flag

Team owner slammed for conducting interview with PA official on the field surrounded by anti-Israel billboards.

The Jewish Chronicle (UK) reported that a British soccer team has lost sponsors after flying the Palestinian Authority flag on a game day and also putting up anti-Israel billboards around its field.

Two sponsors have pulled out from lending their support to the Forest Green Rovers over the team’s owner's pro-Palestinian activism, which included owner Dale Vince interviewing Palestinian Mission to the UK chief Husam Zomlot on the team's field. 

During the conversation, the League One team executive expressed solidarity with Palestinian Arabs and said that his team was also pro-Palestinian, the Jewish Chronicle reported.

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CaptJinx Marine 19:39 23.09.2022
They should remove his citizenship.
John Naulu 09:05 23.09.2022
Don’t cry for me Prince Charles.
John Naulu 09:03 23.09.2022
They are their days are numbered and they know where they are heading to. No doubt 🔥🔥🔥
00:11 23.09.2022
You’re right John Ross
John Ross 00:05 23.09.2022
Such morons the Christians living in Palestinian areas are persecuted Palestinian Christians suffered at the hands of Palestinian Muslims and these BRITs are so stupid so moronic such asses