IDF Military Operation
IDF attacks: "Islamic Jihad waited for Biden to leave" [VIDEOS]

One rocket was fired and the other three fell in an open area. Two victims of anxiety were evacuated to a hospital. 

The assumption is that this is the action of the Islamic Jihad that was waiting for the US President to leave Israel.

# Gaza Strip # IDF Activity
Anna Payton 12:04 16.07.2022
Yeah illegitimate Joey is not President, he probably told them wait until I leave then hit them, we the real Americans call him Mr magoo. Biden is a communist train wreck. Talib and Omar are on board
Gideon Arava 08:50 16.07.2022
All our enemies have to realize that the next war or army operations will be devastating to them by many new sofisticated new weapons israel have .
La Jun 06:16 16.07.2022
This Fraudulent government in United States, Deep state, world elites funded Hamas and Hezbollah and others terrorists group
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