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The Biden administration is "punishing" al-Sisi and who benefits from this?

An interesting report today on American channels according to which the Biden administration informed Congress that it is stopping conditional military aid worth $85 million to Egypt. 

The money was supposed to go to Egypt subject to progress being made on issues related to human rights and the release of political prisoners, but Cairo did not meet those conditions, according to the administration. Instead of Egypt, the aid funds will be directed to the Taiwan army, which will receive approximately 55 million dollars, and the Lebanese army, which will receive approximately 30 million dollars.
It should be noted that 320 million dollars out of the 1 billion dollars that the US transfers to Egypt each year as military aid is conditional on human rights issues.
The US traditionally helps the Lebanese army and since 2006 has transferred over 3 billion dollars to it. At the beginning of this year, it even transferred 72 million dollars to the Lebanese army to cover the salaries of its 80,000 soldiers.

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20:13 17.09.2023
Why not let the Lebanon pay its own soldiers take care of it’s on affairs?
09:53 16.09.2023
What about Americans Mr Biden what’s the reason for your hatred of your own citizens?