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Bitcoin "celebration" in Gaza

A recent interview with "Okab", a resident of Rafah who deals with the Bitcoin trade, sheds light on the recent increasing use of digital currency in the Gaza Strip. According to the interviewee, more and more Gazan young people are turning to Bitcoin for a variety of reasons. Okab called this currency a "barrier that is always open" and claimed that the chances of Israel or Hamas stopping this trade were slim due to the large number of applications, the encryption and the sophistication of the users. Oqab explained that receiving Bitcoin for the digital wallet from abroad is much easier compared to transferring the funds in the traditional way. Bitcoin shortens the process and also the issue of commissions.

The young people in Gaza are turning to this channel of bitcoin because they are sure that the corrupt Hamas authorities will not be able to get their hands on the money. Recently, Gaza government officials warned locals against using the digital currency. To this, Oqab responded: "We have a staying in Arabic. If the government says that something is haram (forbidden), it means that it is halal (allowed)."

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Dennis Bell 18:17 23.07.2021
Smart Man. Hamas translate to Big Brother. Lol
Star Beam1 17:25 23.07.2021
Sorry its not what any many forbids But what does God say in his word to do
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