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BREAKING: Gaza jihad rockets target southern Israel

Terrorist rockets from Gaza have targeted southern communities and the main city of Ashkelon.

Southern and border communities have been targeted throughout the morning.

Western Lakhish, Gaza Envelope

2 minutes ago | 06/12/2023 (12:59)

Ashkelon Southern Industrial Zone, Zikim, Karmia, Ashkelon Northern Industrial Zone, Ashkelon - South, Yad Mordechai, Mavki'im, Netiv HaAssara, Ashkelon - North

Gaza Envelope

28 minutes ago | 06/12/2023 (12:33)

Sufa, Nir Itzhak

Gaza Envelope

43 minutes ago | 06/12/2023 (12:18)

Nir Itzhak

Gaza Envelope

3 hours ago | 06/12/2023 (10:07)


Gaza Envelope

4 hours ago | 06/12/2023 (08:56)


Does the article interest you?
[Anonymous] 11:11 06.12.2023
New problems for Israel,like new attacks.
[Anonymous] 11:10 06.12.2023
Let the people fight the war the best they know how in King Yeshuas name Amen.Interference from outsiders who don’t know what is at stake for the Israelis cause other problems for like new attacks👑😇
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