Palestinian Hatred and Incitement
VIDEO: Muslim Brotherhood in the Negev is trying to move the clock back to 1947! - Dr. Edy Cohen

Kamal Khatib, from the northern faction of the Islamic Movement, rides the wave and comes to the Negev to incite the masses.

During Operation Guardian of the Walls, he was in the Israeli prison and later released. He is now threatening the State of Israel openly and with great impudence.

You will not see videos of this type in the mainstream media, in Israel, or anywhere else....

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Henry Lee 05:30 14.01.2022
He's seeking revenge for his time spent imprisonment. Wants to justify his cause. Trust God to deal with him appropriately.
Phillip Avalos 05:27 14.01.2022
God’s will protect Israel holy Land’s love Israel and Jews people’s 🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱
Justice Sunday 05:25 14.01.2022
I love you Israel, and the LORD God of Abraham, the Most High God
Richard Adkins 05:16 14.01.2022
Anna Payton 05:09 14.01.2022
Israel is forever, whatever you do to Israel, the same will be done unto you. GOD in Heaven made a covenant with Israel, I wouldn't want to be anybody that touches Israel.
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