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The USA, Israel and the Arab coalition impose a blockade in the Red Sea

A large naval exercise was conducted by the US and Israeli navies, just a short time ago, in the Red Sea.

A naval exercise between US and Israeli navies began an  almost hermetic blockade on the Red Sea of Yemen and the proof of this was the successful thwarting of 2 large smuggling networks of the Houthis from Iran, the arrest of those involved, and exposure methods of operation carried out by Iran.

Since the begining of the blockade, the flow of Iranian weapons to Yemen has almost completely stopped.

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CaptJinx Marine 19:02 04.09.2022
They should have removed China from eritrea. Boom!
Carol Watson 16:05 04.09.2022
Lord, Your will be done! Amen
John Peters 15:05 04.09.2022